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“UW students want to increase number of students on the Board of Regents”

Read Publicola’s coverage of ASUW’s latest proposal to the Governor to give students a greater voice in decision making.

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“UW students ask governor for more seats on Board of Regents”

ASUW is working hard to ensure that students have a seat at the table when big decisions are made on tuition and financial aid policy.  Check out the Seattle PI’s coverage.

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From the President: Utah’s Michael Young chosen as next UW President

Fellow students,

It was with great enthusiasm that I witnessed the announcement just minutes ago from the UW Board of Regents that Michael Young will be the next President of the University of Washington. He has served as the President of the University of Utah since 2004, and he brings an impressive track record of leadership to the UW:

  • President, University of Utah (2004-2011), during which time UU has led the nation in the number of business startups spawning from university research.
  • Dean, George Washington University Law School (1998-2004), during which time Continue reading
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“SARVA month starts with awareness of sexual and relationship violence”

Check out The Daily’s coverage of SARVA month, a series of impactful educational programs organized by ASUW’s Committee Organizing Rape Education (CORE).

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“First university agenda passed through ASUW senate”

Read The Daily’s coverage of the University Agenda, which passed the Senate and summarizes the opinions of the student body on campus issues.  “Nance said, “We want the university agenda to make it a lot easier for people outside ASUW to understand what ASUW stands for.”

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