ASUW voter participation breaks record, increases by 32 percent

ASUW is excited to announce that voter turnout among students in the 2011 ASUW elections increased by 32 percent from the previous record in 2010!

The results continue a surge in student engagement in ASUW over the past few years.  7,633 UW students voted, up from 5,785 last year and 3,156 in 2009

Several factors that likely contributed to the big turnout include a large slate of candidates who campaigned actively, a general increase in student activism on campus this year to rally against state budget cuts, and an active Elections Administration Committee (EAC), which worked to raise student awareness of elections.

ASUW is your student government and serves you, the students.  We hope you will continue to stay involved and stay active in your Association over the coming year.

Read more by visiting UW Information Technology, or check out The Daily’s coverage of the 2011 election results.

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