Voting, Save the Pell Grant, and More

Fellow Huskies,

In an effort to effectively inform you without overwhelming you, please refer to this table of contents and check out all the important information below at your convenience.

1. November Election and Ballot Initiatives
2. Where the Hell is the Pell Grant?
3. Diversity Requirement Forum
4. Homecoming Carnival
5. Volunteer Opportunities with the ASUW
6. Events on Campus

Thank you for taking the time to inform yourself and I hope you have a great weekend.

1. November Election and Ballot Initiatives:
Even though its not a Presidential Election, there are many important issues and elected positions on the ballot.  Ballots were mailed out YESTERDAY and the election is November 8th. This means you have three weeks to send in your ballot. Check it, stamp it, and mail it. Buy stamps at the U-Bookstore (Odegaard Branch) and at the post office at 42nd and University Way.
There are three important state initiatives on the ballot this year.  Please educate yourself on these by checking out the “Yes” and “No” arguments so you can make an informed decision.
I-1125: Concerning state expenditures on transportation.  Click Yes and No to stay informed.
I-1163: Concerning long-term care workers and services for elderly and disabled people.  Click Yes and No to stay informed.
I-1183: Concerning liquor: beer, wine, and spirits (hard liquor).  Click Yes and No to stay informed.

2. Where the Hell is the Pell Grant?You know what’s super? Calling up your friends. What’s even more super? Calling strangers!! The Federal Super Committee is tasked with cutting $1.5 trillion by Nov. 23rd. Nothing is off the table, including financial aid like the Pell Grant. What can we do? Check out this facebook event. Every day for the next week you’ll have a new stranger or two to call (who all happen to be on the Federal Super Committee) and all you have to do is leave this nice message supporting financial aid.
Hello my name is _____ and I want the Senator/Representative to preserve student aid including the Pell Grant, Student Loans, and Access Programs in the Super Committee’s recommendation to Congress”

3. Diversity Requirement Forum
The Diversity Requirement forum will be November 2, 2011 from 6:00-7:30 pm on the seventh floor of Condon Hall (the temporary Ethnic Cultural Center).  This class requirement would be applied to students in order for them to graduate.  At this meeting, we will be presenting what the requirement will entail, the next steps in the process, and how any ally can help!”

4. Homecoming Carnival
Homecoming is right around the corner!  Come to the Homecoming Carnival in Red square on Friday, October 28th from 11am-1:30pm.  The event includes carnival activities, FREE FOOD, giveaways, performances, and more!  Rally to support the Huskies in our homecoming game against the University of Arizona the next day!

5. Volunteer Opportunities with the ASUW a. Are you interested in learning how to become a leader on campus, becoming a part of a close-knit community of accomplished individuals, or having a mentor that can guide you and give you advice? Then ASUW Leaders might be the perfect fit for you! Applications close at 5pm on Friday, October 28th. Click here if you are looking for the application or just want to find out more about this program.

b. Are you interested in educating students about the November election? If you want to help out with our “Get Out The Vote” efforts and ongoing civic engagement campaign, come to the weekly Huskies Bark meetings Monday, from 7-8 PM in Savery 158. Contact
Angie Weiss, the ASUW Office of Government Relations Organizing Coordinator, with questions at

c. Do you want to gain some real-world experience and a closer UW community? Click here to see the several volunteer opportunities we have for UW students. These include (but aren’t limited to) our Committee on Student Safety, Finance and Budget Committee, our Personnel Committee, and the Campus Sustainability Fund!  Apply today!

6. Events on Campus
(in the order they occur)
a. The Second Annual Pre-Health Affair: VEGAS, VEGAS, VEGAS!
When: Friday. October 21. 8-11 pm.
Where: Kane 225 Walker-Ames.
Get dressed up, play your hand at the casino, trivia, dessert bar, photo booth, prizes, and connect with other pre-health students!
Recommended donations are small gifts to benefit teens at the Odessa Brown Children’s Clinic.  RSVP HERE!  If you have questions email Caitlin Ormsby, the Student Health Consortium Director, at

b. Joe Sestak & State Senator Derek Kilmer Come to UW!
When: Saturday, October 22nd at 2:00pm
Where: Savery Hall 264
The Young Democrats at the University of Washington are hosting State Senator Derek Kilmer (26th LD covering Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, the Key Peninsula, and Bremerton) and former US Representative Joe Sestak from Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District.
Derek Kilmer has been a long-term advocate for higher education in the State Legislature, serving on committees for Higher Education & Workforce Development, Economic Development, and Ways & Means.  Joe Sestak is a former 3-star Admiral and the highest-ranking military official ever to hold a seat in Congress. After his 30-year Navy career, he worked for the National Security Council under President Clinton then served 4 years in the U.S. House of Representatives.
Join YDUW in a discussion with these two guests!

c. Disability History Month Celebration
When: October 27th, 3:30-5:30PM
Where: Walker-Ames Room, Kane Hall
Please join our disability community and celebrate the past as well as the future of disability at the University of Washington. Guest speakers will be discussing the history of Disability Studies, ASL & Deaf Studies, student groups, and activism here at the UW. Enjoy refreshments and get to your know fellow community members at this event sponsored by the ASUW Student Disability Commission and DO-IT.
We ask that participants at this event please avoid using fragrances to make this space accessible for people with chemical sensitivities.
This event is wheelchair accessible. There will also be ASL interpretation and CART. For other access requirements, please contact the Disability Services Office at least ten days in advance at: 206.543.6450/V, 206.543.6452/TTY, 206.685.7264 (FAX), or


Conor McLean
Associated Students of the University of Washington
(206) 543-1780

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