Odegaard Renovation, Budget Cuts and Campus Events

Fellow Huskies,
Do you want to have a say in the future of the Odegaard Undergraduate Library?  If tuition increases or financial aid is cut, will you still be able to attend school?  See below for two important actions you can take right now.

1. Odegaard Undergraduate Library Renovation Survey
2. Budget Cuts & New Revenue
3. Campus Events
4. Get Involved- the Vagina Monologues and Everybody EveryBODY Fashion Show

1. Odegaard Undergraduate Library Renovation

Please take a few minutes to complete a short survey on the renovation of the Odegaard Undergraduate Library. The Washington State Legislature has provided a little over $16.5 million in the 2011-13 biennium to renovate Odegaard to support 21st Century students and learning.  No tuition dollars from students are being used to fund the renovation and future renovations are dependent on additional state or outside funding.  In order to ensure that students have an opportunity to participate in the renovation, please follow the link below and fill out the student survey.

Odegaard Undergraduate Library Renovation: Student Survey

2. Budget Cuts & New Revenue

As you may know, the State Legislature will be convening on November 28th for a Special Session to make $2 billion in cuts out of the $8.7 billion discretionary budget. To give you an idea of the magnitude of this cut, funding for 2-year and 4-year public institutions and financial aid make up $1.4 billion of the discretionary budget. The Governor has suggested up to a 20% cut to Higher Education Institutions and severe cuts to financial aid. The University of Washington has already been cut 50% in the last 3 years, leading to double-digit tuition increases. But there is something that you can do about this!
Write to your Legislators NOW to tell them to support new revenue and preserve funding for higher education.
In order to mitigate the cuts, the ASUW is advocating for the following policies:
1. End B&O and sales tax breaks for high tech firms with more than 250 employees to bring in nearly $80 million of new revenue for higher education.

2. Allow property tax levies limited to 10-15 cents per $1,000 of assessed value for community and technical colleges.

3. Allow four year universities to diversify their endowments and other institutional resources to create new revenue for campus specific financial aid.

If you would like more information refer to the attachment on this email.

Please speak to your legislators about the importance of new revenue and preservation of funding for higher education by sending them a message here!



3. Campus Events

– On Monday November 21, 2011 The ASUW Black Student Commission will be holding a forum in the Ethnic Cultural Center Theater at 6:00 pm on the division caused by different skin tone in the Black Community. How have we allowed it to be relevant in character? “The Black America, a Divided Community: Different Color Crayons in the Same Box”.

– This Tuesday, November 22nd the ASUW Student Senate will be discussing Resolution R-18-4, “A Resolution in Support of the Occupy Wall Street Movement”.  The resolution was approved by the Student Senate last week but referred back by the ASUW Board of Directors with some recommended changes.  If you would like to join the discussion, please come to the Student Senate meeting at 5:00 pm in Gowen 301.

– The ASUW Black Student Commission and Black Student Union presents: Kwanzaa on December 6, 2011 in Walker Ames. Doors open at 6:30 and the ceremony starts at 7:00PM.

– The Husky-Pride Fund T and tank are now available in the University Bookstore (both at Odegaard and on the Ave). $5 from the purchase of every shirt goes to the Husky Pride Fund, a scholarship for students by students that helps support student emergency situations as well as student activities. This scholarship fund is available to both in state and out of state state students. Help make a difference for a fellow husky by buying the t-shirt today.

4. Get Involved – Vagina Monologues and Everybody EveryBODY Fashion Show

– The ASUW Women’s Action Commission is seeking students, staff, and faculty who are women, female-identified folks, transmen and genderqueers from all communities to audition for UW’s 11th Annual “Vagina Monologues” production, to be performed February 16th, 17th, and 18th of 2012. For more information on how to apply to audition, visit here. Auditions will be held the week of Nov. 28 – Dec. 2. The Commission is also seeking new, student-written monologues to be included in the performance!  For more details, visit here.

– The ASUW is planning our FIFTH annual Everybody Every BODY Fashion Show.  Sign up to be a model in the positive body image fashion show by filling out this survey.



Conor McLean
Associated Students of the University of Washington
(206) 543-1780


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