Apply for an ASUW Job!

Fellow Huskies,

Would you like to find a job for this next academic year?

Fantastic, because we want to give you a job.


Your student government is hiring over 55 paid positions this spring, all geared to provide programs and services to the UW student body for next year. Any UW student can apply for these jobs, no matter what year, major or residence you have. The best parts about these jobs?

Well, first off – you will get paid. Next – you get to work in the brand new HUB. Also – you get to set your own hours.

What could be better?

Not much, so if you have time today —



11 AM – 2 PM

Already intrigued, well no need to wait. Click HERE.

But I am sure you are wondering, what kinds of jobs we are talking about? Well, let me elaborate:

Advancement. Like fundraising and alumni relations? Look into our Advancement Chair position, which directly coordinates to provide funds for our Husky Pride scholarship and ASUW endowment.

Arts & Entertainment. You know those huge concerts on campus, like Fall Fling and the Spring Show? Well, our own A&E puts on these concerts, as well as film previews. If you are interested in the entertainment business, or just want to have fun planning programs – take a look!

American Indian Student Commission. Always been interested in issues facing Native students? Gone to the winter or spring Powwow, and been utterly inspired? Check out the Director position for this commission!

 Asian Student Commission. Want to represent our Asian students on campus? Love the yearly talent show, and the diversity this commission brings? Check out our Asian Student Commission Director position!

Bike Shop. Are you one of those classica Seattlites that have to have their bike wherever they go? Scoff at cars? Repair your bike on your own time? Check out our Bike Shop Manager position. You will have an entire shop on your hands to manage, and get irreplacable experience.

Black Student Commission. Care about the issues and organizations for Black students on campus? Take a look at this Director position, and have a large part in influencing their experience on campus!

 Board of Directors. Want to take part in directly managing the ASUW? The Personnel Director and Finance & Budget Director are both hired positions. Look for these positions online later this week.

Office of Communications. Like publicity, promotions, and just designing materials to get the word out there? We have a Multi-Media Coordinator, Digital Promotions Coordinator, and Graphic Design spot ready and available!

Experimental College. Those cool after-school classes can’t happen without an Assistant Director – take a look!

 La Raza Student Commission. Interested in the issues facing Latin@/Chican@ students on campus? Inspired by our recent Quinceanero? Look at our Director position!

 Off-Campus Housing Affairs. After living in the residence halls, a local apartment, a not-so-local house, or Greek system – would you like to help students find housing? Are you interested in promoted better living standards? Check out OCHA, and its lovely staff!

Office of Government Relations. Has the current political climate just made you frantic for change? We currently have five positions available to help advocate for students on campus and in Olympia!

 Pacific Islander Student Commission. Do the issues facing PI students on campus get you involved and intrigued? Is Spam or Poly Day what you look forward to most? Check out our PISC Director, and the change that they are able to make on campus!

Queer Student Commission. Look at our QSC Director position, and they change that they are able to make and resources they provide to queer UW students! And you even get to put on the Drag Show!

Rainy Dawg Radio. Music is incredible, and so is our radio station. We have five positions available to get involved and even manage our school’s radio station! Take a look now!

Sexual Assault & Relationship Violence Activists. This powerful entity helps run programming and provide resources to lower risk for sexual assault on campus. Join this valient cause, and apply for one of the two positions available today!

Student Health Consortium. Pre-health student, looking for even further involvement in your community? The SHC Director is perfect for you!

Student Senate. Provide leadership for your body of student voice, and look at applying for our Senate Clerk position!

 Technology. Computer genius? Love website design? Come join us! We have a Computer Administrator position, and two Webmaster positions at the ready!

UW Leaders. Is personal growth important to you? Do you believe in what leadership can do? UW Leaders is an ASUW program entirely dedicated to building student leaders. Take a look at our Director and Assistant Director positions for more information!

 Office of Volunteer Opportunities. Want to make the opportunities at ASUW known to the rest of campus? Heard of ASUW Ambassadors, and want to lead it? Apply for these two new positions, they will be coming online this week!

Women’s Action Commission. Passionate about the issues facing female-identified students on campus. The WAC Director is perfect for you!

If any of these even sparked your interest, apply now! We are looking for students like you, and we are not successful as an organization if we do not get passionate students like yourself. So during your math class, or while you enjoy the sun in the quad…


We look forward to your application, and everything you can bring to the campus.

If you have any questions about ASUW Jobs, please contact the ASUW Personnel Director at


Conor McLean

President Associated Students of the University of Washington (206) 543-1780

Brittany Pham

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