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Beginning of the year!

Classes haven’t been in session for long at the University of Washington, but the ASUW is already busy hosting events, providing services to students, and politically lobbying on behalf of students.

Over the summer, Office of Government Relations Director Austin Wright Pettibone was able to meet with dozens of city and state legislators to remind them of the student perspective. Wright-Pettibone and the ASUW Board of Directors wrote a letter to the Seattle City Council on housing affordability, seeing media coverage and action from Mayor Ed Murray. Murray recently installed a new investigative housing task-force comprised of 28 community members, and included OGR Assistant Director Mitch Brown on the list.

During Dawg Daze we held a variety of events around campus including a pizza bake from the Student Food Cooperative, informational involvement sessions from the Office of Volunteer Opportunities, and large events such as Quad Flicks and Fall Fling from Arts & Entertainment. We saw an estimated 4,000 students at Fall Fling this year!

Looking ahead, we urge students to get involved now! We have an abundance of opportunities available to students looking to develop their skills and give back to their fellow students. Almost every Diversity Commission as well as the Student Health Consortium, Arts & Entertainment, and Rainy Dawg Radio are looking for interns or volunteers!  Coordinate models for the Everybody Every Body Fashion Show, host your own talk radio show, advocate on behalf of your unique community, or create new campus policies through the Student Senate. All opportunities are listed with applications at

As employees, we spent 3 days together coordinating goals, brainstorming effective outreach strategies, and getting to know one another. We’ve got a number of events already in motion and can’t wait to see as many students as possible engaged with our programs.

As an Association, this year we will strive to engage all voices, act as an intersection for cross-campus collaboration, and stay accountable to the students.

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